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My journey with mindful eating began last spring and over the last 6 months my relationship to food has completely transformed.

As a mindfulness educator I was intrigued when I saw an email from The Center for Mindfulness about Dr. Brewer’s new mindful eating program. I was familiar with Dr. Brewer’s work and had the opportunity to attend a 7 day retreat that he co-led the previous spring. Simultaneously, I was teaching an introduction to mindfulness class to dieters at Pioneer Valley Ideal Weight Loss and Wellness Center and witnessed first hand the struggle that folks were having managing their relationship to food and eating. The mindfulness training combined with the protocol and coaching the center provides proved to be a powerful recipe. My students began asking about a deeper, more specifically focused, mindful eating course and I was moved to deliver. I began studying various programs and building a curriculum, when I learned about Dr. Brewer’s program. I set up a meeting with Jud to discuss my interest in training in the program and learned of his deep commitment to ending suffering and therefore supporting mindfulness teachers in broadening their offerings.

The first step I was invited to take was going through the 28 day Eat Right Now app myself. This program operates as a flipped classroom model, where bite sized (yet very insightful) lessons are delivered daily by Dr. Brewer via an app and you bring your homework to class. In this case, your homework is your life and the group gives you the opportunity to unpack it with a trained facilitator and group of other folks on a similar path. Accepting this invitation was a no brainer for me. I, too, have struggled to have a healthy relationship with food. Additionally, I knew that to be a teacher who could make a difference, it was important for me to embody the principles and attitudes of the program.

What I have learned from this program expands far beyond my relationship with food. I have uncovered habit patters that were deeply engrained and discovered how many unskillful habits I have. The simple, but incredibly powerful, teachings offered in the Eat Right Now program have been an absolute game changer for me. The gratitude that is live in my heart as I write this is tremendous. As a very welcomed and exciting fringe benefit I have lost close to 30 pounds and I feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally than I ever have! (In the midst of the full catastrophe of life) I invite you to join me in changing your relationship to food (and all of your other cravings) FOREVER!

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