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Amherst Mindfulness is thrilled to announce they have joined Yoga Center Amherst! Guiding Teacher, Michele Miller, has been a member of the YCA community for nearly two years and a yoga student and friend of Corinne's (YCA Co-Owner) for close to 9 years. She is currently in their 200-hour Embodyoga Teacher Training program and having a transformational experience. Michele is sincerely grateful for the love, support, and friendship she has received through her membership with this wonderful community. Co-Owners Matthew and Corinne are extraordinary human beings and Amherst Mindfulness is honored to be joining them in their mission to "provide a sanctuary for inner and outer explorations into the evolution and expansion of consciousness."

Yoga Center Amherst
17 Kellogg Ave, 2nd Floor
Amherst, MA 01002
(Above Share Coffee)

(413) 256-0604

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